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Transform your

IKEA kitchen

With us, everything is
easy as 123 – and 4.

That’s right, just four easy steps to a kitchen like no other.
And if you still think that you need any help, we‘ll be happy to assist you on every step.

  • 1.

    Measure & design

  • 2.

    Order cabinet frames from IKEA

  • 3.

    Order from


  • 4.

    Delivery & fitting


4 clicks away and you can enjoy your transformed IKEA kitchen.

With us, you can easily create furniture that’s elegant, smart, and even kind. You get quality furniture at a reasonable price, and it enables you to reuse any IKEA METOD kitchen cabinets you already have or are planning to buy, saving you the money!

  • Create a unique kitchen

    Here you can find everything you’ll ever need in order to create a unique EASY FRONTS kitchen. You build your EASY FRONTS kitchen around IKEA's amazing METOD-frame with our fronts, sides, handles, and legs. If you wish to bring new life to an existing kitchen from IKEA, here’s our whole assortment for that series. Get inspired or find more information in the Guide and Image Gallery.

  • Dress it up with our fronts

    Simply put, you choose your cabinet on IKEA – or take a frame you have at home – and then dress it up with our fronts and sides. Our range gives you many possible combinations, so you can build everything from a small kitchen to your dream cooking place for you and your friends.

Our story

We are not new to the furniture cabinet scene and having 10+ years of experience when it comes to durable and stylish interiors we thrive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Coming from a background in aircraft interior design, we bring attention to detail and uncompromised approach to the place where durability is most needed – your home kitchen.